PIT Solutions Blog SMS Alerts launched


Now you can subscribe to SMS alerts of blog posts and other news updates by subscribing to our SMS channel. Here are the details:

To Subscribe:

Send SMS ON PITSINFO to number 987 080 7070

To Un-subscribe:

Send SMS OFF PITSINFO to number 987 080 7070

Critical Blog- Reasons for project failures

This will be a discussion which will be an eye opener for suppliers and clients. Why some projects are successful while some arent.About delayed projects, Is it suppliers mistake or client’s mistake or is it a combination of mistakes from both sides?. Its a good discussion so that suppliers as well as clients could improve for the future success of the project. Please share your thoughts.

PIT Test Hub launched

PIT Test Hub

PIT Test Hub

PIT Solutions now offers testing as a service. Testing as a service is much sought after globally, and our newly launched service that has been christened as Test Hub aims to capture a share of that lucrative market.

This bold venture into the open market with such a service offering is already spawning adoption of the most up-to-date methods for our internal testing needs too.

A broad marketing campaign that aims to create awareness about this newly launched service has been kick started with promotion through PIT website as the first step.

In the meantime, the PIT QA Team has been readying itself to meet the challenges of handling outsourced testing projects, and has tasted some already with a successful pilot project.